Vacation Hold and Pickup Reschedule

 You have 3 options for when you can't pick up your share on your scheduled day:

1. Someone else picks up your share: * If someone else is picking up your share, you don't need to let us know, just tell them to check the contact person's name off the list. * It would be very helpful though to give them our phone number or e-mail, so that they may contact us if they are suddenly unable to pick up for some reason.  

2. Pick Up Location Changes:   * Please reschedule only on regular Distribution Days within the SAME WEEK.   In other words, you will not be able to double up your share one week, if you are not able to pick up your share the previous week.  You will need to set up all Pick up Rescheduling by Saturday at the latest of each week, or you will not be able to make a change.  Also, when it asks you "number of weeks", most of you will be choosing 1 week, since you are just changing it for 1 week.  Then choose the dated week that you would like to change with the drop down menu.  

3. Vacation Hold:  This means that you are canceling your share during a specific week.  Choose the drop down menu option on the website for this instead of "Pick up Location Change". **We really need to know how many shares to harvest by Saturday at the beginning of each week to get an accurate harvest count, but let us know a week ahead when possible.  A harvest list is handed out to our workers on Monday morning that has all the total shares needed for each day, and it really helps if we don't have a lot of last-minute changes that cause our counts to be off, and our farm crew to work longer hours.

Please email if you have any questions.